E-2 Visa

E2 Immigration Visa Service

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For new entrepreneurs in USA the E2 visa is the way to set foot on the American soil. It’s a startup visa meant for nationals from certain countries with whom USA has a treaty to enable them to invest a specified amount of money in a business in USA. The E2 Visa requirements are:-

  1. Invest a substantial amount of money in a business in USA. The money has to be relevant with respect to the overall cost of the business. The investment amount varies from business to business and there is no upper or lower limit to it. It can be a small or a big business.
  2. It is a renewable type of visa that needs to be renewed after every two years
  3. The best part is that the spouse also gets a work visa in USA
  4. Submit a five year business plan that should clearly mention out details about hiring employees. Though it is not essential to hire US nationals as employees, the new company should employ some employees otherwise it would seem that the business was set up just to support the E2 visa application.

The E2 visa for entrepreneurs is however, a non-immigrant type of visa which means that it cannot get the person a green card or a lawful permanent residential status in USA.

Integrate US offers highly specialized legal E2 Immigration visa services to business owners or entrepreneurs.  Under this category, the company supports in the following ways:-

  1. The foreign national interested in migrating to the US on E2 Immigration visa needs to invest a certain amount of money against which Integrate USA provides legal support pertaining to E2 visa planning, a detailed and achievable business model, expenses against setting up a store and franchise fees. The investor’s money is used for setting up a business unit that has separate accounting, tax and insurance heads.
  2. The E2 Visa is arranged on behalf of the investor in a duration of approximately 2 to 3 months
  3. In case there are dependents travelling with the investor, there will be additional charges
  4. Under our special E2 immigration visa service, the investor has an option of selling off the new store or the company to another investor after a period of 3 years of operation.
  5. Related to setting up of the business unit, Integrate USA will arrange for all trainings, licenses and fees to the investor
  6. We also charge a management fee for the first year of operation of the business unit.

As per US immigration law, applying and processing of the E2 immigration visa involves complicated legal elements and extensive documentation. Hence, it is essential that interested candidates hire professional and legalized service providers like Integrate USA to obtain E2 visa effortlessly.