EB 1C Visa

Get Your EB- 1C Visa without any hassle

When planning to immigrate to the USA for employment reason, you must understand that there are three types of visas available in this category and EB-1C Visa is one of them. It is the first preference petitions reserved for those looking for a permanent residence and are accomplished in the field of business, arts, science, education and sports. The number of immigrant visa applicants is restricted to 40, 000 visas annually for EB-1C Green Card. These visas are immediately available and to receive the same, one need to complete consular processing at any of the US Consular office located abroad. If the applicant is already in the US, he can apply for adjustment of status with the consular office.

Qualifications for Employment based immigration visa

When applying for the employment-based immigration visa, there are certain pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled by the applicant. It is suffice to note that EB-1C Visa: Manager or Executive Transferee was created particularly for executives and managers meeting L-1A nonimmigrant standards. Also, it is meant for those who wish to become the lawful permanent residents of the country. A temporary stay is facilitated by L-1A status in the US for managerial transferee or intercompany executive. There is a major differentiation between EB-1C and L-1A in that the former offers the alien beneficiary permanent residence. It is not mandatory to carry L-1A status when applying for EB-1C visa but if a person has L-1A status already, he will stand better chances of getting EB-1C. Integrate USA has handled several cases where applicants received EB-1C visa even when they did not enjoy L-1A status.

Benefits of EB-1C Green Card

People applying for EB-1C Green Cardcan look forward to expanding their start-up or small business and services to the US. EB-1C visa allows and makes it easy for the executive or manager who has immense knowledge about the operations of the company and this help in making sure that setting up a new branch in the US is not only hassle-free but efficient. Moreover, it also ensures compliance with the objectives and goals of the company. As a result, executives and managers of many small companies apply for this visa.

Integrate USA- How it helps?

Integrate USA offers services of highly experienced and expert immigration attorneys who evaluate the situation of the employer and the applicant with respect to immigration plans yet pending. The valuable advice and guidance offered by us can help expediate the process of EB-1C Visa making things simpler and stress-free for you.