EB-3 Visa

EB-3 Visa Program

Get to work in USA with an EB-3 visa program from Integrate USA

The EB-3 visa program is an immigrant visa for USA under permanent residency.

Eligibility for EB-3 visa program:

  1. A labor certificate that is a proof that the foreign worker seeking immigrant visa is not displacing equally qualified US workers.
  2. A permanent or full-time job offer
  3. The applicant has to demonstrate that he/she will be performing tasks that do not have qualified workers available in US for the same.

This type of visa has three subcategories:-

  1. EB-3 Visa for Professionals: the applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college having undergone minimum three years to maximum seven years of study for being able to enter into the respective occupation. Experience in this case cannot be a substitute for the degree.
  2. EB-3 A, Skilled Workers: under US Immigration laws, applicants under this category should be able to demonstrate at least 2 years of job experience or training to qualify for the visa.
  3. EB-3A, Other Workers: at the time of filing the petition the applicant should be able to perform unskilled labor with less than two years of experience or training. It also needs to be demonstrated that against this labor type is not seasonal or temporary in nature and that there is a dearth of qualified workers in the States.

Application process for EB-3 Skilled Workers and EB-3 Professional visas:-

  1. For all the three types of visa, the employer or petitioner needs to file Form I-140 called the Petition for Alien Worker. The employer needs to proof that he will be able to pay the offered wage by submitting his business annual report, federal income tax return or audited financial statement.
  2. Obtaining the labor certification by submitting the ETA (Employment and Training Administration) Form. While applying for the certificate it is not necessary that the applicant is employed though he has to show his future job offer to get the certificate.

An essential process of getting the EB-3 visa is the medical examination that is mandatory. Other than the cost of the visa, the additional costs includes vaccinations if required; translations, obtaining supporting documents like passport, birth certificates etc.

The spouse of the applicant is allowed to enter USA via the E34 visa for spouse of skilled worker or professional and EW4 for spouse of other worker. Minor children are allowed too via the E35 visa for skilled worker and professional and EW5 visa for children of other worker.

With Integrate USA to provide all sorts of assistance in obtaining the EB-3 visa and visa for spouse and kids, the applicant need not take any undue tension or stress.