EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Immigration Program

Become a permanent resident of USA with our specialized EB-5 Immigration Program

The other name of the EB-5 Visa is the Green Card that offers immediate green cards to the investor and his family. One of course needs to pay a high price for this type, literally!

Downside of EB- Immigration investor program:

  1. Involves a huge amount of money that needs to be invested by the investor. In the tune of $ 500,000- $ 1,000.000.
  2. It involves a very complex legal and expensive process with extensive documentation.
  3. One needs to be aware of the investment being made. For example an investment in a regional center that has the approval of the government does not mean the green card is a guarantee. The stringent criteria of hiring ten people have to be still met. Also if the regional centre runs into losses and goes bankrupt then the investor loses his money which means he does not get his EB-5 immigration

Criteria for qualifying for the EB-5 investor program:

  • The qualification for this program is the investor need to invest or be involved in the process of investing US $1,000,000 in an urban area or US $ 500,000 in rural areas.
  • The fund must come from a legalized or legitimate source
  • The investment needs to be real-time – there should enough proof or documents on the intention of the active investment or risk-taking capability.
  • The investment has to be in a new business or existing business enterprise which means the investor can create his own business or buy one
  • One of the most important criterions is that the investment of the investor should result directly or indirectly in creation of 10 full time jobs within two years of getting the permanent residency. It does not mean preservation of already existing jobs. This is where an authorized legal EB-5 immigration adviser will help the investor in calculating the number of employees at the end of the 2 year tenure taking into account the terminations and resignations during this period.

Integrate USA offers excusive EB-5 investor visa program that includes:-

  1. Specially designed for foreign nationals wanting to migrate to Southern California in USA.
  2. We process the EB-5 visa within a period of 1 year and 2 months inclusive of permanent residency
  3. The initial duration of the conditional EB-5 immigration investor program or the green card is 2 years which is renewable provided the investor meets the criteria of having created 10 full-time jobs. In fact we help you prepare a business estimate in which a clearly drawn plan is mentioned showing the hiring schedule.

Getting through the complicated Visa Immigration Program EB5 is no mean task. It needs a planned approach and guidance by a well-experienced service provider like Integrate USA.