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Foreign nationals from other countries visiting USA for business purpose need to travel on the business visa. There are different types of business visa options for people aspiring to travel to the US with business visa.

  1. The first type of business visa in USA is applicable for people who are travelling to America for a short duration related to business work where they are not required to engage in any labor work or are not receiving any payment from a US source.

Business visa requirements

Details specific to this type of visa are:

  • It is a non-immigrant work visa called the B1 visa
  • Citizens of certain countries enjoy the US Visa Waiver program and can travel to US for business related work for a period of 3 months without a business visa.
  • Business visa services is applicable when the person is travelling to USA for attending a conference, business meetings, exhibitions, provide consultation service to a US firm, litigate, solicit sales or investment, appear as a witness, attend a short term training or other such purpose as defined in the Permissible and Prohibited Activities on business visa. The objective is not to conduct direct business or earnings.
  • It is essential to apply for this visa with more than 60 days remaining from the travel date. For candidates with scientific background, the visa needs to be applied for with more than 90 days remaining from the travel date.
  1. Business visa for companies

Some of the well-established companies in India need to send their executives to USA for business related work. To promote and facilitate this particular movement of people, the Business executive program (BEP) has been designed that helps promote trade and commerce between US and the participating country. To avail the business visa for companies in USA under BEP, the companies must have:

  • Significant employee strength in the country where the company is headquartered
  • Have applied and obtained for at least 25 visas a year at a particular US consulate.
  • Legitimate permanent and full-time employees going to a branch of the company in the US
  1. E-2 Visa is a business visa for business owners planning a start a company in America. Under this visa a person can stay in US for indefinite period but this is a non-immigrant type of visa which means that it cannot lead to a green card.
  1. US Investor Visa Business or EB-5 immigrant investor visa is another kind of business visa that leads to lawful permanent residency status in USA. This is a visa for foreign nationals who have invested or are actively engaged in the process of investing $ 1 million in a new commercial enterprise that will generate employment for 10 full-time positions and will benefit the US economy.

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