For Workers

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United States is the home to many skilled professionals from nations across the world in the information technology sector as well as other multinational companies. During the middle of last century, as industry boomed in the States and demand for skilled and semi-skilled labor increased, people from across continents started applying for immigration work permit to the USA for earning better salaries and grow in life.

For Workers:

At Integrate USA it is our mission to help citizens from other countries to land smoothly in America to pursue their dream jobs. To work on American soils, an individual worker – skilled or semi-skilled – needs to have a work permit in USA. There are two types of work permits in USA:

  1. Temporary work visa in USA or a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay
  2. Permanent work visa in USA or an immigrant visa for permanent residence in US

Temporary work visa in USA

This is meant for foreign nationals who will be in the USA for a fixed period of time which is a shorter duration time compared to the permanent or indefinite nature. It is mandatory for the prospective employer to first file a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for getting this type of work visa and once the petition is approved the individual is granted the temporary work visa in USA. There are different categories under this type of work visa in USA:

  1. H-1B American work visa for individuals to work in a specialized occupation
  2. H-1B1 for residents of Chile and Singapore for specialized occupation
  3. H-2A visa for temporary agricultural worker
  4. H-2B work visa in USA for temporary non-agricultural worker
  5. H-3 for receiving training or special education visitor
  6. L visa for intra-company transfer
  7. O visa for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in the field of science, arts, education, business, athletics
  8. P-1 visa for performing at a specific athletic competition
  9. P-2 visa for artist or entertainer under reciprocal exchange program
  10. P-3 visa for artists or entertainers with the purpose to perform, teach or coach
  11. Q-1 work permit in USA for participants in international culture exchange program

Permanent work visa in USA

Permanent residents are also called green card holders in USA. For individuals with temporary work permit, it is mandatory to communicate their intent to depart the US in a certain period of time, green card holders must do the reverse – they need to commune the intent to stay back in the US.

With Integrate USA, the arrangements of the temporary work visa in USA and the permanent work visa in USA is done in the smoothest and swiftest possible manner, handled with utter professionalism and expertise.