L1 Visa for USA

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For company executives getting transferred to a foreign land especially the United States of America is an exciting opportunity. For intra-company transfer, the applicable visa is the L1 Visa for USA. Eligibility criteria for US L1 visa requirements are:-

  1. Executive or managers from an affiliate office in another country to one of the employer office, its parent branch, subsidiary or affiliate office in USA
  2. Executive or skilled managers from a foreign company being sent to America for setting up an office on the American soil
  3. Can be used by business owners or investors for themselves by applying via L1 visa for business owners or for their employees through US L1 visa services.
  4. Even though the L1 visa holder is employed full time with the company, the person can divide his working time between the US office and that of the other country office.
  5. In case the candidate for the L-1 visa is travelling to USA to have business meetings and attend conference and trainings, he cannot avail the L-1 visa. He needs to avail the business visa instead.

Features of the L-1 visa for the USA are:

  • Is a temporary non-immigrant visa
  • It also allows L-2 visa for the spouse and minor children
  • The L-1 visa is also called intra-company transferee.
  • Initially brought into being for multinational companies, it also applies for small and start-up companies that wish to expand their business in USA.
  • It applies for citizens from any country whether or not the country has a treaty with US or not.

One very important fact about US L1 Visa Requirement is that the candidate needs to submit proof at the US consular office that they have no intention of immigrating to the US. This is a pre-requisite that needs to be submitted before the visa is granted. It is also called dual intent of the L-1 visa that means that the candidate can maintain a residence in foreign land but has to abandon the same as the visa nears expiry.

Integrate USA offers dedicated L1 visa for business owners:

  • Against a fee, Integrate USA follows all L1 visa requirements and arranges for the visa within 15 days of start of the process.
  • Under this visa format, the applicant is eligible to apply for green card and also get visa for his spouse and children for schooling
  • This L-1 visa is temporary in nature and is renewable each year.

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