Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients help convert dreams to reality

Every year the US government’s law governing body of immigration policy provides almost 675,000 permanent residencies to immigrants. This is a huge number – probably one of world’s leading immigrant providing network. US Immigration, however, follows strict and stringent laws. The documentation is extensive, the legalities are complicated and complex. With millions of applications received every year, it is a tedious task for authorities as well as the immigration consultants like us to ensure that applications follow the strict guidelines to go through the final process of being awarded the visa or work permit.

Amongst all this complexity we at Integrate USA understand and respect the honest intention of people from other countries who aim to land on the American soil to give shape to their dreams and future. We help our clients push through these complexities successfully to achieve and enhance their lives. Our commitment hence is very simple yet firm. We are facilitators and we do our job astoundingly well. Our immigration success stories by our clients say it all.

Our legal expertise combined with our years of experience helps deliver the best of services to each and every client of ours. The intention is to help the client get optimum out of the association.

We handle not only the immigration part for our clients, we also propose equitable business solutions to business owners who wish to enter America and set up their own business or invest money in setting up a new store. For all such would-be entrepreneurs we have some of the best business propositions so that in the end, individuals are able to realize the dream of owning a successful business in the States!

We just don’t initiate and propose and leave the rest to our clients, we are there with our clients at each and every step starting from preparing the immigration application and preparing the business plan till the plan starts operating and generating business.  Even for renewals of visas which typically happen after a year, two years or even five years, we are there to support our clients with all processes. It’s just not about being a turnkey service provider; it is about our commitment levels that we take up when we sign an agreement with a client.

We are proud of our achievements. Our high service standards have helped many foreign nationals live their dream. There are so many success stories – read through our client feedback section to understand the heights of our immigration success stories.